Sonntag, 30. November 2014

Customer involvement is key

Servus Erdnuss,

Building a strong brand starts with a great product and a powerful story. In this digital age, with so many channels of communication, it takes a human connection to break through the marketing clutter. Our last blog post was about the ingredients of creating an experience. Nowadays we think that it is even more important to create an experience where customers are involved. 

We found a very good example of how people can get involved and witness an experience that they will not forget that soon. In 2012, in a  Belgian town square, passersby encountered a mysterious red button labeled "Push to Add Drama." Those who bit unleashed havoc on the streets in the form of ambulances, fist fights and gunshots -- all in an effort to promote TNT's "Daily Dose of Drama."

In our point of view the video contains all of the five ingredients an experience should contain. For more information about the five ingredients take a look at our latest post.

Emotions: it contains various emotions such as fear, suprise, shocking and partly also "funny". The emotions are of course very individually. 
Tension: it creates tensions by not knowing what happens when somebody push the button and also not what happens next. Furthermore, it is thrilling to find out what or who is behind this action.
Risk: the risk of pushing the button.
People: by pushing the button people are directly involved and close to the action.
Traces: the whole experience will stick in people's mind 

On the latest post of Lara and Franziska called Microsite - Mehr Spass geht nicht, we found a very good and funny app of how to involve customers. The app is called Elf Yourself. You can simply upload up to five photos of you, your friends, family and more. After uploading the picture(s) you can choose a dance theme, write a message and then send to your friends. The elves with your faces will then dance for you. We think that's a great and funny idea. Visit their blog and convince yourselves.

See you soon.
And remember: If we can do it you will do just fine. Let's conquer the digital world together.

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