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It`s all about "staging"

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After a few weeks of blogging we got our first grading from the lecturer. We are more or less happy with the result and are looking forward to the next weeks of blooging. But the ambitious girls we are, we want to improve our blogging skills and therefore also our blog. Due to the fact that our lecturer wrote a great book about digital marketing, which includes the most important knowledge you need for being succesfull in digital marketing, we would like to inlighten you about a new topic: staging.

Staging is the global expression for all the measures, which help to draw attention to a product or brand. The goal is to produce unique, unforgettable and inimitable customer experiences, everywhere where a venture is in contact with the customer, doesn`t matter if it is to promote the product or show the service at its best.

But why is staging important?
  1.  The display of a product, service, enterprise or even a person is as important as the actual product itself, respectfully the actual adducing service  
  2. A noble quality of a product or a service demands a noble packaging.
  3. Only the suitable staging of a story is the completion and arouses the product to life.
  4. Whatever kind of customer relationship a venture wants to have with their customer, it needs to be planned and realized thoroughly and in every aspect with clear intentions. 
  5. A flagship store is a flagship store. A flagship website should be a flagship website.    
So now that we know why staging is important we definitely want to know more. And foremost what are the goals of staging? Bruno Bucher lists in his book 6 goals. We searched the web to show you  an  example for every goal.

Increasing the visibility and the brand recognition
An industry that knows a lot about getting great brand recognition is the fashion industry. Their flagship stores are normally big in size and at a prime location. They are an event in itself and definitely increase the visibility.

Emotionalize the message, the advertising instruments and the rooms

As already mentioned in another post storytelling is an essential part of emotinalizing a brand. If you want to refresh your memory here is a great blog about this topic A brand that definitely knows how to tell a story is Nespresso. We love their interior design. When you walk into a store you immediatly feel comfortable, relaxed and are ready to buy some coffee =)

Activating the 6, respectfully the 12 senses

Regarding the theory of Rudolf Steiner there are 12 senses. One of them is the scent. Almost every store plays music and we already know that music is influencing our shopping behaviour. But what many don`t know is that the scents we smell in a store are aswell chosen to guide our shopping behaviour. Scentair is a company that specializes in creating the perfect scent for their customers. Take a look at their website:

I hope you are as fascinated by the endless possibilities that exist to influence the customers as we are. If you want to learn even more about digital marketing and staging visit us soon again and read more about this topic in our next post.

And always remember: If we can do it you will do just fine. Let's conquer the digital world together.

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