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We are back with one of the hottest topics in digital marketing: Social-Media-Monitoring! Stay tuned for the the next two posts and learn more about this great topic.
To know what the community has to say about your brand is crucial before engaging in the social web. As well as the impact of social media should be calculated. With Social-Media-Monitoring it is even possible to anticipate crises or problems that may accure in the futur. So what are we waiting for. Her is how it is done!

First step is to decide on the main goal of monitoring. Here are some examples:
  • Social-Media-Basisanalysisfor the Identification of relevant platforms, topics and the people that can influence the Social-Media-Strategy.
  • Market research of own brand, products, trends, competitors
  • Qualitative und quantitative Reports for marketing operations
  • Brand-Protection und Monitoring of crises

But how does social work?

For monitoring designated sources are scanned for predefined keyword-combinations: brand (brand, product-labels, product name), important competitiors and strategic topics (market values such as sustainability, innovation or the important market topics such as cost-effectiveness)

Therefor the following resources are scanned:
  • Blogs and Microblogs such as Twitter, Friendfeed, Google Buzz
  • Social Networks such as Facebook, Netlog or LinkedIn
  • All kinds of relevant panels
  • Content-Communities such as YouTube oder flickr
  • Classic online mediaand  Wikipedia

Here it is very important to get the help of all possible tools that make your life to gather information easier. Therefor use Google-Alerts, Google Blog Search or the Twitter-Analysis-Tolls. An important part of the research is to search for keyword-combinations daily and put them manually into breakdown reports or tables and to archive the most important findings.  As you can imagine this takes a huge effort and it is almost impossible to narrow it down to certain languages or countries. Yout think this is to much to handle? We think so too. Therefore it might be a good idea to use a spezialised Social- Media-Monitoring-Tool that does all this work for you and simplifies this time-consuming task for you. Another great benefit of th is tool is that the data gets stored for later analysis- some of them store the data for several years.
A very interesting tool that can be used is Buzzgraph. This tool helps a brand to find further keyword that correlate with your brand. Here is an example for the city of Hamburg.

Do you want to know how you can use the data? Than have a look at the next blogpost!
And remember: If we can do it you will do just fine. Let's conquer the digital world together.

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