Samstag, 15. November 2014

BLOGGING. Your way to success!

Servus Erdnuss,

After blogging for several weeks now, it is time to analyse why a blog is so important for a business and what a successful blog should contain.

First of all why a blog?

According to Bruno Bucher  there are six reasons:
1.   One or several company blogs form the backbone of digital marketing.
2.  In the context of corporate communication blogs can and are allowed to develop an own life.
3. Blogs have the potential to become a real medium for a company and thus represent an actual added value.
4. The organization of a blog forces a company to build and maintain a digital marketing strategy.
5. Blogs allow to be journalistically active for any purpose and requirements of a company
6. The viral effect of a blog is much greater than that of its own website.

But just having a blog does not mean that it will be a success. Let’s see what makes a blog successful.
We found the following 10 characteristics of successful blogs: 
  1. Goal & target goup
  2. Unique content (see our post Content is king)
  3. Passion
  4. Regularity
  5. Unique layout
  6. Write about other: A good example was the blog post of two of our classmates. Lara and Franziska from the blog In hollowness we trust They did a post called I am REALTIME MARKETING where they wrote comments on all the blogs of the digital marketing class. It was great to read such nice comments and I am sure that such blog posts can be one of the most successful ones. This also show the fact that this post has received 22 Google+ recommendations immediately. Thanks again for this very interesting and unique post!
  7. Write about yourself
  8. Own style
  9. Communication with readers
  10. Marketing
To read more details about these 10 characteristics click here (only in German available).

All these 10 characteristics seem very reasonable. Let’s have a look at a practical example of a successful blog and find out if he contains these characteristics.

Marriott International: On the move

Goals: Customer satisfaction, sales, crisis management
Bill Marriott is one of the most famous corporate bloggers in the world. The company chairman actually does his own posts on a weekly basis. This personal involvement has won the site loyal fans since they know they are getting the word from a real executive. The company has reported generating millions in direct sales from this blog and has also used this as a platform to set the record straight in the event of a bombing or hostage situation involving one of their properties. (Source: Link)

In our point of view this blog fulfil mostly all 10 characteristic of what a successful blog should contain. Visit the blog Marriott on the Move and convince yourself.

You want to learn how to make money with a blog? No problem visit us soon and you will find out! 

And remember: If we can do it you will do just fine. Let's conquer the digital world together.


  1. thanks for mentioning us :) It was a pleasure to compliment your wonderful blog! SERVUS ERDNUSS bis morgen <3

    1. Same for you... Your creativity in your blog posts is inspiring.