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In our last digital marketing session we had the great opportunity to learn more about how social media can be used for digitial marketing. Swisscom is one of the leading telecommunication networks of Switzerland. They are a great example of how social media can be used to your own advantage and what huge potential there is if these tools are used right. Here are the social media activities of Swisscom.

On their own website they have several interesting tools which they use to inform customers and of course market their products. One of these tools is the support community. The idea behind this site is that customers help customers. Swisscom states that actually almost 90 percent of the problems that customer/users report are solved by other users of the support community. From a customer point of view it is great because they have their problem solved and from Swisscom`s side it is even better because they can decrease cost. Swisscom is quite clever in assuring that these users keep answering their customers questions. Here is how it works.

  1. Users get points for every time they solve a problem from another customer. The more points you get, the higher the users get on the ranking.
  2. At a certain stage of the ranking you become a superuser and you get some benefits. These are for example: new gadgets for free, get information about new development earlier on or get invited to a superuser gathering.
The superusers are a very important part of the success of the support community of Swisscom.

Another tool Swisscom has on their site ist the Swisscom Lab. The goal of this tool is to collect new ideas. If the ideas are of good use, they later get developed by Swisscom.

Probably the most famous social media platform Facebook is used by Swisscom for sharing their news with the customers. They post new videos, show their new advertisement, announce the launch of new products or do other promotional work. Swisscom has three different accounts on Facebook: private customers, Swisscom business and KMU business world. 

Swisscom not only uses Twitter for the same reasons they are active on Swisscom, they also address the challenges they have. Swisscom states that twitter gets not only more important to keep everybody in the loop what is happening but also for them as a company to be informed. In 2010 the network of Swisscom broke down at 7.45am.  Swisscom did not take notice until 10am. It took them until 13pm to address the problem on their site. Later on they realised that by following the news on twitter they could have become aware of the situation earlier on. Since then the number one social media site when it comes to trouble-shooting is twitter.

Youtube offers the great opportunity to share new advertisement videos and promotional videos but foremost helpful instructional videos. Swisscom started to produce informational short videos. They can be produced in house, with employees and are therefore very cost-effective. On their youtube channel we could find very interesting videos such as the  latest advertisement. Here it is:

After we had the great opportunity to get a very close insight into the online work of Swisscom we are impressed at how much work they put into their social media activities. Even though at the moment only a big percentage of the customers still prefer to get their information directly in the stores or by calling the hotline. Swisscom is prepared when the trend changes. They have a wide range of tools they can use and cover every customer need.

If you still do not have enough of Swisscom and their social media activities. They are also active on XingLinkedinKumunuSlideshareFlickr and of course Instagram.

We hope this blogpost gave you an idea of what is possible with social media!

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