Montag, 15. Dezember 2014

Social-Media-Monitoring III

Servus Erdnuss

You are a company and want to know in a nutshell how the project of Social-Media-Monitoring is started? read this blogpost and learn more about it! 

As in any other project there are certain steps that should be made. A general tip is to take your time and be open minded to new ideas some tools may offer you =)
  • Definition of requirement: Goals and priorities of Social-Media-Monitoring, reporting-cicles, languague, object area, competitor and topics
  • Research & Review: Always resaerch for all relevant Keywords even for the not obvious ones. Trim the brand-keywors for unambiguity („omega watches“ vs. „omega-3-fettsäuren“). Start of with the more general ones and get into more detail in time!
  • Choice of tools and setup: Explorative tools for deep analysis vs. tools that are made for operativ monitoring. Definition or extension of the alert and customer service process.
  • Test phase: optimizing the keywords, overview of the completeness of the source (especially the blogs and panels of the regarding industry!), generating and evaluation of reports.
  • Implementation, Operation, Optimization: Setup of the organisation and processes, step by step involvement of other participants in regard of the quality of reporting and data, monitoring continuously, maintaining the data and last but not least always improve your keywords!
I am sure after all this knowledge you gained over the last 3 blogpost, your are very eager to start monitoring your company!  Here is a nice youtube video with 10 Social Media Monitoring Tolls that can be used! 

I hope you enjoyed our little series about Social-Media-Monitoring and come back to visit our blog soon=)

And remember: If we can do it you will do just fine. Let's conquer the digital world together.