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BLOGGING. Your way to richness?

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You want to make money blogging?
 If you do – you are not alone. More and more bloggers are finding that blogging is a profitable medium. Some bloggers do it for earning a few extra dollars, some for making enough money so they can stop having a part time job to get through college, and others have got it to a point where they are able to live from their blogging.

But how exactly do you earn money with a blog?

Here we found a quite nice mind map which visualizes some of the ways bloggers make money blogging. (Source: Link
To make it a bit easier to understand here are five strategies that could help turn your blog into a moneymaker. (Source: Link)

1. Sell advertising:  This is likely the most common means to generate income. If your blog becomes a well-known one or one that is well-received in a particular niche, it is possible to sell ad space on your own. One interesting online service here is Google AdSense, where bloggers can establish ad programs. AdSense—which lets you select several ads that are consistent with the content of your blog—pays you based on how many readers click on the ads.

2. Help sell others’ products: This is another click-through opportunity. Affiliate programs enable your blog to serve as a conduit between readers and online sites offering various goods and services. Here an example: if, for instance, you offer book reviews or even just mention a book in passing in your blog, an affiliate program provides a means for your readers to click directly from your blog to Amazon for example to obtain further information. If they buy the book, you get paid as well.

3. Solicit contributions: Ask for contributions. If, for instance, your small-business blog supports a cause or issue in some fashion you can always ask for reader support. Even if you've attracted a group of regular followers who simply enjoy reading what you have to say, they may be willing to underwrite their loyalty with a little financial help

4. Market your services in your blog: Blogs are an ideal venue to share your thoughts with others, but do not overlook their capacity to generate new business as well. When appropriate, work in references to what you do and, in turn, what you may be able to offer any would-be client or customer who may be reading your blog. That can spread your opinion and your business knowledge at the same time.

5. Use a blog to deepen your existing customer relations: By using a blog to regularly communicate with existing clients as well as other readers, you can take advantage of the opportunity to fully inform them about everything your business does, which may expand your readers understanding everything of your products or services

You want to know who the 10 top money bloggers are and how much they earn with their blogs? Click here and you will find out! 

But let's get your expectations right. Not everyone who tries to make money blogging becomes rich. In fact those who do well from blogging are in the minority.  Firs of all it takes time and a lot of hard work – and it doesn’t happen for everyone. 

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