Mittwoch, 8. Oktober 2014

Your digital personality

Servus Erdnuss (Welcome peanuts)

Let`s start this blog entry with a first task: google yourself! 

The results google spits out are the traces you left in the World Wide Web. Scary isn`t it? This is the so called footprint as we learned in the first lesson of Digital Marketing with Bruno Bucher

Our digital footprint

When we first thought about our traces, we only came up with the famous three. FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM. As you can see, we are probably the opposite of digital trendsetters. Especially because after a few hours of hard thinking we discovered not only old forgotten logins but also even email addresses we totally forgot about. OMG! There were some old embarrassing no filtered pictures.

All the social networks you ever used together create your digital footprint.
Do you feel inspired? Try to list all the social networks you have. We know there are for sure logins and passwords out there that you forgot or some you do not even remember making.

Let`s conquer the digital world together.
If we can do it, you will do just fine <3

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