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In our second lesson of marketing we were speaking about storytelling. But what is storytelling about and why is it so important for branded content? Let’s find out…

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When most people think about marketing, these are the tools they think of: print media, radio, TV and of course the web. None of these, however, are ingrained in us as much as storytelling. We’ve been telling stories for thousands of years, but we don’t have to go back that far to understand storytelling’s powerful effect on our hearts and minds. Go back only as far as your childhood, when you begged your parents to read your favorite story—the one you already knew by heart—just one more time. Why did you do that? Why was it so important to hear that story?

Stories and the art of storytelling play a major role in content marketing today. Not all brands realize the importance of unearthing their core story and learning to tell stories in ways that endear new fans and motivate advocates. In case you need even more reason to learn to weave an effective narrative throughout your marketing efforts, here are seven reasons storytelling is important for branded content.

1. Stories produce experiences
2. Stories reveal what makes your message unique
3. Stories are the emotional glue that connects you to your customers
4. Stories shape information into meaning
5. Stories can motivate an audience towards your goal
6. Stories are more likely to be shared
7. Stories are less likely to be resisted

With only 23 percent of consumers trusting ads on TV and 20 percent trusting ads in magazines or on the radio, it’s more important than ever for brands to integrate their marketing into their story. Otherwise, what are you marketing?
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That’s what it is about. Isn’t it? We think that a good story needs to cause emotions in order to connect you to your customers. We found a very nice advertisement of Budweiser which we like very much. Check out the video and decide for yourself whether you like it or not. Have fun!!!

YouTube Budweiser ad “Puppy love”:

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