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Social Media in China

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Unbelievable but true: Over 1 Billion people worldwide use Facebook. Isn`t that crazy?

Therefore it comes not as a surprise that regional as well as global companies market their products and services on Facebook. But just because from our European perspective Facebook is the number #1 global social media marketing site does not automatically imply that this is the case all over the world. China is one of the most flourishing market in the world but d
ue to China’s censorship, worldwide social media sites have been banned, including Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Therefore, China has their own versions of everything, which is used religiously by the Chinese citizens. Therefore it is essential for western companies to understand that not only the culture and therefore what they like and buy is different but also what social media is the most popular. Here is an overview China`s social media platforms.


The social media langscape of China shows how many different website there exist. In the inner circle you can see the platforms which are know to us (Twitter Google, Ebay...) and in the second circle the Asian counterparts. We would like to give a few more informations on the following three.

Sina Weibo

Weibo is a microblogging-sit which can be compared to Twitter. The features such as 140 signs per post or hashtags you already know from the American counterpart. But what really sets Weonp aüart from twitter is the direct incorporation of multimedia, a great e-commerce-system which are used by companies to integrate their product catalog into their profil. Another great tool is the subscription functions which helps to address subscribers with text or voice messages. Global companies such as Coca-cola or KLM already have a profil on Sina Weibo.

Or in other words “Facebook of  China”. Even the color of the logo has similarities with Facebook. Next to the classical function of sharing user-generated content, RenRen has a special focus on multimedia-extras. They have their own produced online-games, e-commerce and music library, which makes RenRen a multimedia experience.


is China’s leading Internet television company. Its Internet television platform enables users to search, view and share high-quality video content quickly and easily across multiple devices. Youku, which stands for “what’s best and what’s cool” in Chinese, is the most recognized online video brand in China.

As you can see the opportunities in China are great for companies to market their products or services online. More and more global companies join these site in a bit to win over customers in China.

Here is the CNN report that inspired this blogpost:

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