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Social-Media-Monitoring II

Servus Erdnuss

We are already back with the second part of our topic "Social-Media-Monitoring". In the last blogpost we learned about what it is and what supporting tools there are. So lets go further and learn more about this interesting topic!      

What key figures are gathered? 

For the overview the following key figures and indicators in Social-Media Monitoring are central:

Mentions & Reach: Number of mentions of the brand in different sources in consideration of the time line and the number of potential reach

Share of Voice: Proportion of mentions in comparison to the market/competitors

Sentiment: Number of positive, neutral or negative mentions

Demographic information: Spreas of age, language, country, sex etc.

Influencer: Identification of important people and their relations with each other. Remember here our blogpost about swisscom and how they use their superuser.

Topics and Keywords: automatic identification of important topics and keywords per text-analytics

Know we know what is monitored but  "good monitoring" contains much more than gathering key figures. There should be a daily update about all the key figures so that relevant know-how about communities can be gathered. This leads us to the demand a company has for Social-Media-Monitoring.

  • Central and comprehensiv administration  of brand-, competitor- and topic-tags 
  • Containment by language or country 
  • Comprehensive resources: Whach out for tools that do not scann all the relevant resources! some if them even forget Twitter!
  • Dashboards with KPI as well as comprehensive filter and compare possibility 
  • Lists of the mentions with information about range, profile information, sentiment etc. It is important to have the opportunity to filter these lists! 
  • Historical data for later analysis 
  • Workflows and pragmatic interface to the CRM-System and the possibility of direct interaction (Twitter direct to the tool) 
  • E-Mail-Alerts, for topics if crisis 

You still do not understand what Social-Media-Monitoring is or do you need more convincing that every company should use this tool? Here is a great video that will convince you!

Tune in next time and see our final post about this interesting topic. And remember: If we can do it you will do just fine. Let's conquer the digital world together.



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